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China (Beijing) International Mining Expo 2013

China International Mining Expo (CIME) is one of world’s five largest mining exhibitions founded by Beijing Hiven Company together with industry authoritative associations. The uneven distribution of mine resources around the world determines the internalization and globalization of the mine industry development. In China, the fastest growing country in the world, the high demand of mine resources by the economic development has been increasing. Meanwhile, the relative backward product capacity can’t meet the rapid increasing market demand. CIME—Hiven Mining Expo, conforming to the trend of mine industry development both in China and abroad and based in China with the global view, has been the biggest platform of equipment trading and mine development in the global metal mine and nonmetal mine fields after years of cultivation and development.It covers the whole industry chain such as geology survey, exploration, mining and mineral dressing technology and equipment, mineral product processing and trading, mine industry investment and service, etc....



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