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  • GY-150HB Drilling Rig
  • GY-150HB Drilling Rig
GY-150HB Drilling Rig GY-150HB Drilling Rig

GY-150HB Drilling Rig

GY-150HB Drilling Rig

GY-150HB is portable and multipurpose engineering exploration drilling rig, applicable to the engineering geological exploration in fields of industrial and civil buildings, railways, bridges, hydropower engineering, as well as small-diameter foundation pile hole drilling


1): the rotation speeds are in a wide range

2): when running with low rotation speed and large torque, it is applicable to drilling sampling and pile hole drilling

3): when running with high rotation speed and equipped with small-diameter diamond bits, it is applicable to pile-test construction

4): its hoist is combination of friction cone and planetary gear, which features in advanced structure and good shock resistance

5): hydraulic feeding, easy to operate and high drilling efficiency

6): the rotary table adopts a T-shape groove angle-changing device. With a wide angle-changing range, therefore the drill rig is capable of drilling with various inclinations

7): compact structure. Diesel engine and slurry pump are mounted on the same bottom frame, thus the rig occupies a smaller space

8): small in volume and light in weight, it is convenient to be disassembled and transported

9): a fan equipped in worm gear box protects the oil temperature from over heating

Technical Figures

Basic Parameters

Drilling depth

35, 150 m

Drilling diameter

300, 76 mm

Drill pipe diameter

42 mm

Spindle turnable angle

0°~ 360°

Weight without engine

600 kg

Dimension (length * width * height)

1610 * 790 * 1420 mm

Rotary Table

Rotate Speed

60, 200, 400, 610, 1100 r/min

Maximum torque

1800 N*m

Feeding travel

450 mm

Maximum cylinder feeding force

20 KN

Maximum cylinder lifting force

30 KN


Lifting capacity

24 KN

Bobbin line speed, 2nd layer

0.2, 0.72, 1.26, 2.8 m/s

Bobbin diameter

125 mm

Rope diameter

11 mm

Rope capacity

26 m

Oil pump


CBF-F420-ALPL Gear Oil Pump


20 ML/r

Rated speed

2500 r/min

Rated pressure

20 Mpa

Maximum pressure

25 Mpa



15KW (Y-160L-4), 13.2KW (ZS1105)

Rated speed

1460 r/min (Y-160L-4), 2200 r/min (ZS1105)


144 kg (Y-160L-4), 160 kg (ZS1105)



Sliding type (with base frame)

Movable travel of drill

400 mm

Distance between drill and hole-opening

280 mm