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  • XY-6B Core Drilling Rig
  • XY-6B Core Drilling Rig
  • XY-6B Core Drilling Rig
  • XY-6B Core Drilling Rig
XY-6B Core Drilling Rig XY-6B Core Drilling Rig XY-6B Core Drilling Rig XY-6B Core Drilling Rig

XY-6B Core Drilling Rig

XY-6B Core Drilling Rig
XY-6B is a core drilling rig with large drilling capability and greatly improved. It mainly used for industries like geology, metallurgy, coal, hydrology, civil engineering projects, etc. It's also suitable for geological prospection, shallow petroleum and fas exploration, mining ventilation, sewage drilling, water well drilling and large piling hole drilling.
1): the rig has many rotary speeds and appropriate rotary speed range, rotary torque is large at low speed, suitable for both alloy, diamond core drilling as well as geological prospection, water well drilling and piling works
2): large spindle through hole diameter (116mm), dual hydraulic cylinder feeding structure with long feeding travel (600mm), adapt to different drilling process, is particularly suitable for large diameter drill rods wire-line coring, which improves drilling efficiency and reduces drilling problems
3): large drilling capability, nominal drilling depth with wire-line coring drilling rods in diameter 71mm can reach 1900meters
4): light weight, rig net weight without engine is 4600kgs, easy to disassemble to 9 separates parts (the biggest part is 500kgs) for easy to transportation, suitable for working in hills and mountain areas
5): hydraulic chuck use one way oil supply and equipped with hydraulic control one-way valve, the clamping strength is large and reliable
6): equipped with hydraulic brake, making drilling tooling lifting and lowering more secure and smooth
7): adopt double gear block oil pump for hydraulic system, which has features of easy to install and operate, small power consumption, low oil temperature and stable running
8): low gravity center, rig can travel long distance on frame (up to 600 meters) robust and firmly built with reliable and stable performance in high speed drilling
9): anti-shake meter is equipped for probing conditions in drilling hole, which has long serving life. There are only a few handles which are decently designed and distributed on rig, for reliable and flexible operation
10): gearing box and clutches for automobiles are introduced , which have compressed structure, quiet and stable running of high power transmission.
11): highly user friendly for remote controlling the gear speed by using flexible shaft gearing shifting system which is dedicated for automobiles
12): drilling rig has upper and lower chuck. Upper chuck is hydraulic pin clamp type of reliable tighten strength and won’t hert drive pipe. Lower chuck is arc-chuck, which has large clamp strength for tightening the drill tools

Drilling Capacity

Drilling depth for NQ Drilling Rod

2400 m

Spindle Turnable Angle

90°~ 80°(360°)



Y280S-4 (Electric Motor), YC6B135Z-D20 (Diesel Engine)


75 KW (Electric Motor), 90 KW (Diesel Engine)

Rated speed

1480 r/min (Electric Motor), 1500 r/min (Diesel Engine)


560 kg (Electric Motor), 650 kg (Diesel Engine)

Rotary Table


Double cylinder feeding and mechanical rotation

Spindle diameter

116 mm

Spindle speed forward

70, 120, 190, 210, 320, 370, 570, 980 r/min

Spindle speed reverse

45, 138 r/min

Max torque

8500 N*m

Feeding travel of spindle

600 mm

Max uplifting force of spindle

200 KN

Max feeding force of spindle

150 KN



Planetary gear transmission system

Diameter of wire rope

21.5 mm

Bobbin capacity

120 m

Max hoisting force (single rope)

90 KN

Lifting speed (Hoisting velocity (3rd layer))

0.77, 1.33, 2.07, 3.55, 2.35, 4.00, 6.28, 10.77 m/s



Automobile 380 Clutch

Hydraulic System

Rated pressure

8 MPa

Max pressure

10 Mpa

Oil pump type

F520-CLH (Electric Motor), CBQL-F525 (Diesel Engine)

Oil pump displacement

40 ml/r (Electric Motor), 25 ml/r (Diesel Engine)

Oil pump rated speed

2000 r/min (Electric Motor), 2000 r/min (Diesel Engine)

Oil pump rated pressure

16 MPa (Electric Motor), 16 MPa (Diesel Engine)

Oil pump Max pressure

20 MPa (Electric Motor), 20 MPa (Diesel Engine)



Sliding type (with base frame)

Movable travel of drill

600 mm

Distance between drill and hole-opening

380 mm

Drill dimension (length * width * height)

4000 * 1350 * 2300 mm (with Diesel engine)
3790 * 1350 * 2300 mm (with Electro-Motor)

Weight without engine

4500 kg

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