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  • XY-4 Core Drilling Rig
  • XY-4 Core Drilling Rig
  • XY-4 Core Drilling Rig
  • XY-4 Core Drilling Rig
XY-4 Core Drilling Rig XY-4 Core Drilling Rig XY-4 Core Drilling Rig XY-4 Core Drilling Rig

XY-4 Core Drilling Rig

XY-4 Core Drilling Rig

XY-4 is a core drilling rig for middle and shallow hole. It not only can be used for hard alloy drilling, engineering geological reconnaissance, drilling of fluid mineral in superfical layer and natural gas exploitation, but aslo can apply to small diameter drilling of metal or nonmetallic materials and solid deposit with diamond bits. It has been widely used on areas such as road and railway construction, water resources and hydropower and architecture.


1): the drilling rig adopts vehicle transmission case and clutch, with simple structure and rational layout. It runs stably, with lower noise and high transmission efficiency, and is easy to dismount and assemble.

2): it has a rational speed range, more speed grades, big low speed torque and a wide application range

3): the drilling rig is equipped with a water brake device, which is convenient for deep-hole drilling and is safe and smooth to perform drill tool lowering

4): two gear reverse speeds, easy for dealing with the in hole accident

5): large power

6): advanced structure and rational layout, convenient for maintenance and serving.

7): the drill rig is small in volume, light in weight, and easy to be disassembled and moved

8): has long feeding travel of vertical shaft, which is beneficial to improve drilling efficiency and reduce the probabilities of bit-jam and bit-burnt accidents

9): the machine can be moved steadily and fixed firmly with a lower gravity center and good stability during the high-speed drilling

10): it is equipped with a few operating handles, with rational layout and flexible and reliable operation

11): the hydraulic plunger chuck is adopted, with reliable clamping operation and free from damaging the drive pipe


XY-44AT is model developed on the basis of XY-44A, which is integrated with a hydraulic tower system

 Technical Figures

Drilling Capacity

Drilling Depth




Y225S-4-B35 (Electric Motor), 495K (Diesel Engine)


37 KW (Electric Motor), 36.8 KW (Diesel Engine)

Rated speed

1480 r/min (Electric Motor), 2000 r/min (Diesel Engine)

Rotary Table


Double cylinder feeding and mechanical rotation

Spindle diameter

80 mm

Spindle speed forward

48  87  150  230  327  155  280  485  745  1055 r/min

Spindle speed reverse

52  170 r/min

Max torque


Spindle Stroke


Max uplifting force of spindle

80 KN

Max feeding force of spindle

60 KN

Oil Pump


Wheel oil pump

Oil pump type

CB-E40 (Electric Motor), CB-E25 (Diesel Engine)

Oil pump displacement

40 ml/r (Electric Motor), 25 ml/r (Diesel Engine)

Oil pump rated speed

2000 r/min (Electric Motor), 2000 r/min (Diesel Engine)

Oil pump rated pressure

16 MPa (Electric Motor), 16 MPa (Diesel Engine)

Oil pump Max pressure

20 MPa (Electric Motor), 20 MPa (Diesel Engine)





Weight(power not incluced)